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Product Description

  • Electrical Source Supply: DC4.5V~6.5V, four sections of 1.5V No.7 high energy alkalescent battery.
  • Static Current: <20A
  • Work Current:<150mA circulate singly 0.8'S
  • Storage Temperature: -20~+85 degree centigrade
  • Storage Humidity: 10~98% RH
  • Work Temperature: 0~+60 degree centigrade
  • Work Humidity: 15~95% RH
  • Low Voltage Alarm: When voltage is low to be 4.6V for CPU components, reading card to open door the indictor light up with alarm three times(low voltage alarm), and the voltage can still open door 100 times. And when the voltage is less than 4.3 V, the indictor light keep red, the door can  not be opened.
  • Opening time: The door will be automatically locked in six seconds if turning the handle of  the door to open in vain.